Too quick

It all goes by too quick. I'm sitting here nursing her...her sweaty little hand laid on my chest one minute and pinching me the next. Her litte laugh while still nursing. The legs kicking in the air and pushing on the rocking chair armrest. Then the eyes start to droop.

You are growing up so fast, little Gracie girl. What happened to my little baby? This year has flown. You now have a specific blankie you want to snuggle when you are tired. You are very skilled at signing "all done" when you are finished with something- specifically the food being offered to you. Although, yesterday I caught you signing the same thing and reaching for more.  Hmmm... You can climb the stairs and are getting dangerously close to walking. I love that you use one of the little wooden chairs from Grammie's childhood as a walker to get around the kitchen. It's quite adorable. 

You have the greatest laugh ever. And thanks to your cousin Winston, you have gotten skilled at screaming for no apparent reason. We need to work on inside voices! You also know how to fake-cough, which is pretty comical. You search the floor for small things and readily pop them in the kisser.  Fortunately, you just seem to roll them around for awhile, but not swallow.  Good thing since your sisters leave so many little treasures around! Beads, rings, food, find them all.

You love being part of the action.  You want to see it all, which means naps are a challenge.  And you love your sisters.  Honeygirl loves carrying you around and trying to mother you, which you allow ever so graciously.

I remember someone saying that you must cherish the moments when they are small and in your arms because you won't be able to remember exactly how it feels to hold that child when they were that size.  I get it now.  Already, I can't remember what your little body felt like when you were a newborn snuggled against me.  Or when you were small and didn't kick the armrest of my rocking chair.  I can look back at the photos, but the weight of your body in my arms compared to now?  I can't quite picture the difference.  And I have no recollection of how exactly it felt to hold Honeygirl and Sweet Pea when they were this same size.  It's gone.  As you are about to turn one, Gracie girl, I'm sad you are growing so fast.  That my baby isn't a little baby anymore and that we are done with that stage for good.  But I am also excited about what is to come.  The little girl that will emerge this next year as you grow.  And all that will come with that.  


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