Intentional summer update

Well, for anyone who reads this blog, let it be known that although there isn't much evidence of it here, I've been continuing on with our "intentional summer." Here are some snap-shots from some of our adventures.

 We have explored new parks 
Gracie loves swinging with Mama!
 We have shared Pazookie

We have picked strawberries
(And lest someone think this is cruel child labor - let it be known that the girls have been asking when we can go again!  Next year, girlies.  Next year.)

 We have played with cousins like Winston

 We took another cousin to the zoo for her first ever visit!

 Gracie got to go swimming at the pool for the first time

 Unplanned and not fun, but still part of our summer... Honeygirl's first visit to the ER. 
Suspected appendicitis turned out to be a nasty virus that went away after some IV fluids, zofran and morphine.

 Friends came to stay over 4th of July.  Who knew 5 girls could fit in the playhouse outside?!

We have made very good use of our slip-n-slide, both at our house, and at a friend's house
4th of July was a perfect day of such activities, plus our bon-fire for s'mores before watching the fireworks.

 We have explored more parks

Gracie tried her first grilled cheese sandwich

 Sweet Pea, Gracie, and I checked out a local museum

 Honeygirl and Sweet Pea attended a week of Princess Ballet Camp.  

 Daddy went boating with Sweet Pea and Honeygirl for the first time!

 Another zoo adventure - this time with Grammie and a visit to the birdies

 Bike riding practice on her new bike, which she will proudly tell you Daddy bought on Craigslist!

Homemade pancakes during our girls' weekend while Daddy ran his first relay with coworkers.

In addition, the girls are in the midst of their second week of VBS this summer.  Honeygirl go to play "camp nurse" with Grandma for a couple days.  And we have had lots of impromptu parties hosted by the girls.  We are staying busy and having fun.


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