DMV with a baby

Just spent my morning at the DMV. With Gracie girl in tow.

So to everyone else who was filling up the waiting room, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had to listen to a screaming baby, but I will let you in on a secret.

As she flailed in my arms, exhausted since she got up at some point prior to 6am, I was just as frustrated as you. I didn't want to be at the DMV. Especially not with a cranky, tired baby. I didn't want people to look at me and wonder why I had brought her along. In some alternate universe, she would have napped in the Tula.  Or at least silently watched the world go by. Or maybe, just maybe, I would have gone to the DMV ALL. BY. MYSELF. But really, if I had a babysitter, I wouldn't want to squander that precious time at the DMV. And quite frankly, I got to go with only one child, which is right up there on the luxury list next to drinking a cup of hot tea without reheating it. Really.

So to the mama there with her twin boys who were getting their driver's licences, thanks for smiling at my kiddo and for telling your teenage boys that I am the picture of parenthood.  Bouncing a baby, easily swinging her from a front carry to back carry in the Tula all while taking the eye exam and paying for my license.  You got my kiddo to stop crying for a little bit, and hopefully you inspired your own children to think before making a choice that could result in becoming a teenage dad.  I appreciate you.

And to the understanding person administering the eye exam, thank you for being patient with me.  For repeating the instructions when my kiddo was screaming too loud in the ear for me to hear the first time.  Trust me, I was as eager to get out of your building as you were for me to leave.  But your smile made it easier.

And to anyone who judged me and wished I would just take my screaming baby and leave, I wish upon you a morning such as mine was this morning.  It will give you quite a bit of perspective. :)

Until next time~


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