I'm so excited!  I've been asked to be a speaker at the MOMS group I attend. For the third year in a row!  I won't kid myself - I know I'm not somebody amazing, but I feel really honored that they keep asking me to come back and speak.  The past two years I've spoken on homemade gifts for the holidays (and you can look back here and find all sorts of posts with info on some of the ideas I've shared!).

This year I've been asked to speak on preparing for the holidays with children.  I'm super excited to share some of the things we choose to do at our house to celebrate.

Like our Thankfulness Calendar

And our Christmas Advent Calendar

And the tree for the kids to decorate.  Yep, you heard me right.  All their own.

Want to hear more?  Join me November 4th in person, or watch for more info probably around that time right here. :)

Until later...


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