I think some of my favorite posts on the blog I read most often are the ones titled, "Currently."  Just a snapshot of what that blogging mama is up to and what she's into at the moment.  So here's my attempt at one of those posts:


- Loving Handy Manny.  Well, my kiddos are.  And so am I.  I love that they are picking up some Spanish words here and there.
- Wearing my hair up.  All. The. Time.  Because it's fast and easy.  Stick it in a pony that's flipped under and run out the door.
- Loving for the convenience factor.  You just can't beat getting some birthday shopping done after the kids are in bed.
- Picking up at least 20 washcloths at a time from the bathroom floor.  They all live in the bottom drawer in my bathroom and letting Gracie empty the drawer is about the only way I can get any makeup on. So washcloths everywhere it is!
- Drooling over these...  Too bad they were limited edition and seem to be sold out.

-Planning...little Gracie girl is almost ONE!  Where did the time go?  Party plans are under way!
-Wondering what a good way to end posts would be?  Some mamas have such cool ways of signing off...

As for me, it's time to do another load of laundry.


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