1st purchase!

Honeygirl had a fun milestone today:  she made her first purchase with her own money!  A week ago Friday she got to make her first purchase ever, but it was with Grammie's money.  Today we checked out the SuperKid Resale and she brought her wallet along!  It was so fun to watch her peruse all the different toys and carefully pick out the things she liked the best.  Unfortunately, her favorite items were too expensive for her budget.
Her most favorite find was a double jogging stroller made by American Girl for the Bitty Baby twins.  When I informed her that it was too expensive for her, she said, "I'm just checkin' it out, Mama."  She proceeded to put a baby in and push it around as she looked for another option.  So cute to watch!
In the end, she chose a baby doll that makes a sucking motion and sound when it's pacifier is placed in it's mouth.  I'm already getting tired of the noise, but she loves this new baby.  (No surprise there!)  And it was super sweet to watch the cashier ring her up and wait for her to pull out her four dollar bills from her wallet.  Honeygirl carefully counted them and traded them for her new baby.  Ah, it made me proud to watch her...she's growing up!


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