JBF sale and a PPB giveaway

For anyone who may have missed the news flash - the JBF sale is this weekend!!!  Because I consigned this time, I got to shop at noon on Thursday.  And let me tell you, I did everything in my power to be there right on time.  As usual, the sale did not disappoint!  I had a great time shopping and found a ton of great stuff for the girls.  The only bummer was that I didn't have more time to shop. :)

5T clothes for Honeygirl to grow into

4T summer stuff for Honeygirl

Some cute new summer stuff I just couldn't resist for Sweet Pea (even though we technically didn't need any of it)
Plus a wool soaker for her for $5!  And it doesn't look like it's ever been used! Score!

And there was one thing on my list I didn't find - a new diaper bag.  Back in the fall (at the JBF sale of course), I found a pink and brown Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag for $40.  I snatched that baby right up.  And I love it!  I love the features about it - it holds everything I need for cloth diapering one and potty training the other (which means lots of extra clothes).  And it has a fold out changing pad that's attached to the bag.  Super convenient!  Now, my wonderful husband doesn't carry the bag all that much, but he's really not a fan of the color scheme. So our deal was that I would look for a different one at the sale this weekend.  Unfortunately, all the good ones were gone by the time I got to the rack.  I saw some others in line checking out, but didn't score one for myself.  Bummer.

So, naturally, I came home to scour craigslist.comdiaperswappers.com, and look for any giveaways going on.  Score!  I found a giveaway that ends in a day.  So here's the link.  And here's crossing my fingers and hoping that I have just the tiniest chance at winning among the other 12000+ entries!  The winner even gets to pick the fashion from the current line.  What a dream!  If I win, I'll be picking the Misted Marseille one, I think.


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