Checking out the new Mini Murph

There is no doubt we are a Papa Murphy's Pizza family!  I grew up on it, as did my husband.  And since getting married, it has continued to be the pizza of choice for our family.  They recently came out with a new product:  the Mini Murph.  It's a personal pizza designed for kids.  You get a personal size piece of sheeted dough in a little box, plus containers of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.  When you buy the Mini Murph, you also get a cute little temporary tattoo that any kid would be excited about. :)  So the idea behind this new product is that a kid can make their very own pizza to bake at home.  Being the Papa Murphy family that we are, we decided it would be fun to get one for Honeygirl.  Not surprisingly, it was a hit!  

She was thrilled with the prospect of putting together her very own pizza.  Aunt Jenny was visiting, and Honeygirl quickly roped her in to help with the sauce.  

 It was fun to watch her carefully spread out all the cheese and pepperoni to make it "just right."

 As you can see, she was a pretty proud little girl! 

 I think one of my favorite things to see was how she willingly split the pizza with Sweet Pea.  What a sweet girl!  And as you can see, there wasn't much left. :)
As we cleaned up afterwards, the only things she had to say was, "Daddy, make sure you get me a Mini Murph again next time, okay?"


  1. awww she is absolutely lovely!!! She sure did love it!!


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