Headbands for the girls

Having two girls, we have a lot of clips, bows, and headbands around here.  I mean, there are two drawers in this house devoted to said items.  And yet there are still days when we have nothing to match the outfits the girls are wearing.  I'm not exactly sure how this can be, but it happens!  A week and a half ago, we had some family photos done by a friend of the family.  But in order for the girls to wear the outfits I had picked, they were going to need new headbands.  Unfortunately, my favorite etsy shop is not currently making any headbands.  Boo.  So I checked out pinterest and learned how to make my own!  
 I was wanting navy headbands for the girls.  Their outfits coordinated, but I wanted to tie them together with matching hair accessories.  This navy t-shirt was one that Honeygirl had outgrown and I didn't see myself using for Sweet Pea.  It worked perfectly!  I cut strips from the bottom of the shirt in the width I wanted the headbands to be, then sewed a single seam to make the headband the size I needed for each of the girls' heads.  Next I made the flower out of another strip of fabric I cut off the bottom and twisted.  (See this tutorial for more info.)The final step was to sew the flower on.  
For me, this was a super easy project, and it turned out cute!  
Sweet Pea looked pretty adorable with hers as she took a snack break in the grass.  :)


  1. How adorable both your daughter and the headband! That poor Etsy shop, there is no stopping you now that you know how to make your own headbands!

    amy @ whilewearingheels.blogspot.com


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