The amazing daddy at our house

In honor of Father's Day.  (and entered in a contest in hopes of winning my amazing husband an iPad!)

What's so amazing about that daddy of my kiddos?

Well, he may not have climbed the tallest mountain,
or swam across the sea.
He may not have fought in a war,
but he's always here for them and me.

He does the dishes each night after dinner.
He reads bedtime stories and then prays
He gladly takes the girls to the park
And he can play hide-n-seek for days

He works hard so I can stay home with our babies
But still finds time to care for the lawn
He even makes daddy dates a priority
When he'd rather nap than stifle a yawn.

His love is evident in each of his actions
He cares for us, it's true.
So who loves this amazing daddy?
His two girlies and me: that's who!


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