Reading:  Nothing.  How sad!  I just finished Sam's Letters to Jennifer yesterday, but having picked up a new book yet.  I'm thinking I'm going to go for some light fiction.  A Mile in my Flip-Flops has been sitting by my bed for quite awhile.  Maybe that will be next.

Listening to:  my Paul Baloche Pandora play list.  Such great music.  I have found that although I love listening to various kinds of music, having worship songs playing in the background all day sets a better tone for the day.  As I catch different lyrics during the day, I am reminded of where I need to keep my focus.

Watching:  Nothing.  We got rid of cable earlier this year and replaced it with HuluPlus.  This has allowed us to still watch the shows we like when we want to, but it costs WAY less.  Now that all the shows we like have had their season finales, there's nothing left to watch.  We're entertaining the idea of switching to Netflix for the summer....

Working on: Teaching Honeygirl how to write "B" and "C" today.  She loves our special preschool time in the afternoon when her sister is napping.  And we just got a really cool Wipe-off Alphabet book that claims "hours of reusable learning FUN!"

Wishing:  I never had to clean the house again.  Wouldn't it be great if dust didn't collect and the bathrooms were self-cleaning?

Anticipating:  The weekend!  I love having family time all together.  When David gets home from work on Friday night, I know we have the evening plus two whole days together, which I love.  And the girls love.  Honeygirl is forever asking if Daddy has to go to work again tomorrow.  It's great to hear him answer, "No, I get to stay home with you tomorrow!"


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