Fab Finds V.2

This weekend our neighborhood had a garage sale.  Last year would have been our first since moving into our current house, but we were out of town.  So this year I decided to check it out.  Since we have lived in this town for 7 years and hadn't heard of this particular neighborhood garage sale, I was skeptical.  But the sale turned out great!

I found Dora sippy cups with straws for 25 cents each, 4 containers of playdoh (2 were brand new!) for 50 cents total, and a cute little beach chair (with umbrella) the girls can fight over for $2.

Plus we got a sand box for the girls and Honeygirl scored her first bike! Super exciting!  It's a minimally used Trek bicycle with training wheels included, that we got for $40.  When I looked them up online, I found ones for $179 new, so I feel pretty good about what we paid.  She's only had the bike a few days (since we bought it Saturday afternoon), but she's already becoming a pro. :)

So here's my question for you:  do you buy fun things for your kids when the opportunity arises, or do you wait until birthdays and Christmas?


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