To my Sweet Pea

My little Sweet Pea,

You are growing so fast.  Can it be that you are already 20 months old?  Your vocabulary is growing - you express your opinions with "yeah," "no," and "noMommy" like the last one as is one word.  You ask for "bite" when you are hungry, "bath" and "bubbles" when it's time to clean up, and you tell me "poopy" when you need to be changed or you want to sit on the toilet.  And speaking of, you are learning to use the toilet!  I am so proud of you!  Just a few days ago you stayed dry until after dinner.  Wow!
Lately you have become more of a Mama's girl.  You still squeal with delight when Daddy walks in the door, but my arms are the ones you reach for most of the time.  You'd rather sit quietly with me through church than play in the nursery.  And you'd rather spend your day riding in the Ergo on my back than walking around on your own.  But you have also learned how to play by yourself.  I love that at times I find you sitting quietly in the playroom intently playing with a baby doll or "cooking" in your play kitchen.
In the six weeks or so, we have given up another one of our daily "milky snuggles."  We're down to just nursing before bed.  At times you still ask for "miwh" (milk) and try to drag me towards the rocking chair, but you are fairly easily distracted and are happy to drink some milk out of a sippy cup.  Now that you don't drink mama's milk at nap time, you contentedly sit in my lap and read stories with your sister and I.  I was worried that you just wouldn't be a reader, but it turns out you like stories as long as they don't interfere with your milk. :)
In the past little while, your forgiving heart has started to show more and more.  When your sister wrongs you, the first thing you do is give her a hug.  Even when she refuses to say sorry.  You have such a tender little heart.  Last week when Honeygirl was sick, you tried your best to share toys and bring her a sippy cup of water.  I love seeing these characteristics developing in you.
There are so many more things I could add, but I'm going to stick with this for now.  I love you so much and am enjoying the chance to watch you grown and develop.  I'm so glad I get to be your mama.  I love you through and through, my little Lovie.


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