Grand Floral Parade

Today we took the girls to the Grand Floral Parade for the first time.  And while we were there, it occurred to me that it was Sweet Pea's first time at a parade ever!  Not knowing how busy/crazy it might be, we left the house extra early.  Fortunately, that meant that finding a parking spot was remarkably easy.  Unfortunately, it also meant that we had A LOT of time to kill while we waited for the parade to start.  David's parents joined us, so we technically had a 2:1 ratio for adults to kiddos.  In reality, Sweet Pea wanted to be glued to my side and yet free to run, so we spent the majority of the time together. :)  Honeygirl took turns going for walks with all of us though.

Sweet Pea waiting for the parade to start :)

All in all, we had a fun time.  Sweet Pea LOVED all the bands and horses.  Honeygirl enjoyed everything as well. We all got a good kick out of her re-adjusting her chair to face away from the parade though!  Oops!  Next time we go, I will take in to account just how long it takes for the parade to advance down the route.  Although the parade started at 10am, it didn't reach us until 11:30.  Yikes!  We ran out of snacks and were pretty tired when we left at 1:15pm.  And the parade wasn't over yet.  Wow!  Oh well.  We got the gist of it and had fun.

How old were your kids when you took them to their first parade?


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