Friday, July 27, 2012

Things they Say v.5

Heard around the house this week...

After a little hair trim courtesy of Grammie:  Shaking her head all over and saying, "bangs!"

When asked if she wanted to go shopping with me:  "Coming!  'hopping!  'hopping!"  Aww, a little shopper.  Pretty sweet. :)  And I enjoyed my little date with her!

When I had capris on and she sat in my lap: "Pokie leg.  Pokie leg."  Guess I don't shave as often as she'd prefer....

After success in the bathroom:  Nem-in-nem!  (M&M)  Nope, I'm not above bribery to get potty training done.

While pointing to the top of the fridge:  "piw-oh!"  translation - "Mommy, I'd like to play Play-doh and I know you hid a container up there.  If I climb high enough, I'll be able to see it."

Friday, July 20, 2012

Potty Trials V.2.3

Hard to believe, but Tuesday I started potty-training with Sweet Pea!  When I started the journey with Honeygirl, it never occurred to me that it would be the long process it has been.  I am hopeful the experience will be different in a positive way for Sweet Pea, but I need to go into it prepared for the worst, I think.

Because Sweet Pea is younger than Honeygirl was when we started with her, we needed to get smaller underwear for her.  Did you know that although they are only sold online, you can get Gerber trainers in an 18 month size?  I lucked out and was able to score 12 pairs for super cheap by getting them from another mama who didn't end up ever using them.  Yay for me!

With Honeygirl, we put her in 2T Gerber trainers and went for it.  If I wanted a waterproof option, I added some plastic pants over the top.  Have you ever seen plastic pants?  In spite of the huge strides in cloth diapering and potty training products out there, these have managed to NOT evolve.  Good grief.  They are super poofy and crinkly.  You can hear every little move the poor kiddo makes.  This time, I'm going to do things a little differently.  I found a great tutorial on Pinterest for embellishing Gerber trainers, and decided to give it a go.

Basically, you start by flipping the trainer inside out and pinning a piece of wax paper to the extra thick middle area.  After outlining this area, you now have a pattern to use.  With the wax paper pattern, cut out four layers of flannel to add to the inside for extra absorbency.

 Sewing the flannel inside doesn't need to be anything fancy.  If I had a serger, I would have used that.  But since I don't, I just used a zig-zag stitch to sew my flannel into the same seams that edge the extra padded area.  I didn't even turn the edges under (we'll see how it holds up over time in the wash!).
 After I had the four layers of flannel sewn in, I cut out a matching piece of PUL fabric I had picked up at Joann Fabrics.  I bought 1/4 of a yard, which would be plenty for over a dozen trainers.  Just like on the inside, I used a zig-zag stitch without turning any edges under and sewed it into the same seams that showed through from the other side.

I think they turned out rather cute!  Sweet Pea has tried them on and seems to like them.  She has even tested their absorbency.  And it turns out that even with a substantial amount of fluid, the floor stayed dry as long as she stayed standing!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things they Say v.4

There's been a vocabulary explosion at our house!  Sweet Pea has been trying out all kinds of new words, which is so fun to listen to.  Yesterday she sat up really straight and hollered out, "tall!"  In the last few days, she added the "k" to the end of "milk," and has started trying out two words together as well.   Here are some of the words I've heard lately:
book*lid*milk*juice*cup*apple*nanana (banana)*flower*bubbles*night night*blankie*shoes*go*tall*bigger*me*yeah*mine*Mommy*Daddy*[sister's name]*mama (for Grammie or Grandma)*Papa*Popi*more*all done*see ya!*bye Daddy*baby*Emma*doggy*bunny*bu-bee (blueberry)*birdie*wow!*paci*potty*wet*poopy*panties*hot*stove*nose*eye*hair*pony*Bob (referring to her Bob the Builder cup)*pants*bib*stool*iced tea*drink*snack*movie*light*bread*cookie*yellow*

And Honeygirl has some words that have me chuckling right now too:
Ma-cheeto (mosquito)
military (cemetery)
Pa-sick-if  (pacific)
Breast-test (breakfast)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't put me in a box

Do you ever overhear a conversation and instantly know it was a bad idea?  I had one of those this past week.  Honeygirl is a very inquisitive child.  I would venture to say that most 3 year olds are.  Some of her questions leave me heading for the computer and trusty ol' Google to find the answers.  But this past week, the question started out innocent enough.  She just had some questions for Daddy about the lovely park we were driving past.  And her wonderful Daddy felt compelled to answer.  The conversation went down something like this:

Honeygirl:  Daddy, that park is so pretty!  Can we go there?
Daddy:  Well, it's not a park, it's a cemetery.
Honeygirl:  What's a military, Daddy?
Daddy:  Cemetery.  It's called a cemetery.  When people die, their bodies are put in boxes and the boxes are put in the ground in a cemetery.

And that's where that particular conversation came to a stop.  Honeygirl needed some time to process all that bizarre information.  So several days later, out of the blue, while Honeygirl was sitting on the couch, she called out to me, "Mommy, don't put me in a box, okay?"

It took me a minute before I knew where this was going.  Why would I be putting her in a box?  Ohhhhhh.  Yes.  That conversation that probably never should have happened in the first place.

Honeygirl:  I don't want to be in a box by myself.  Why do we have to be in boxes?  And since I live in [the state we live in] and Jesus is in heaven, how will I get there?  If I have to be in a box, can I be in a box with you?

Poor kiddo. Consequently, I have spent the past several days trying to explain things to a three year old that I don't totally understand myself.  How exactly will we get to heaven?  Good question.  Why will we not need our bodies anymore and why will God give us new ones?  Because God will make our bodies whole and perfect in heaven, and yes, I know you already believe you are perfect. :)  Will you fit in my box?  Well, I sincerely hope not!  I hope nothing tragic happens to us in which we would both fit in the same box.  That happened to a family I babysat for long ago and it was devastating.  But you are far to young for such conversations, so instead, I will just say, "Let's go play outside, okay?"

And I will remind my dear husband that sometimes it's okay to just say, "No, we can't stop at that park today."

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Sleepover

She finally did it. It's been a long time in coming but she did it. Honeygirl earned her sleepover at her Aunt Katie's house. And boy was she excited!  The deal they made was that Honeygirl could spend the night when she was consistently staying dry. No more accidents at every turn. Which we all know was quite the challenge for Honeygirl.  Since Aunt Katie is a teacher, the sleepover was going to have to happen in the summer. So several weeks ago we put it on the calendar. With high hopes that Honeygirl would step it up and stay dry. Fortunately she did!  

My latest plan with her is that she is allowed one pair of underwear each day. And if they get wet, that's tough. She hates having to wear something wet, so that piece of the plan seems to be a good addition.  I'm also working on letting her decide when to head to the bathroom. Boy, I tell you, that's a tough one when I can tell she's not listening to her body!  I want to demand she run right in and take care of business.  But I also want her to be independent.  And I know that without reminders, she waits too long and isn't necessarily able to make it all the way to the bathroom.  Uggh.  A dilemma.  

At any rate, the sleepover was a huge success.  Dinner at Burger King, a trip to visit some baby birds at Uncle Mike's house, French Toast for breakfast, picking blueberries and raspberries, and lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  My little girl couldn't have asked for a more exciting adventure.  And best of all, Honeygirl reported that Aunt Katie might let her have a sleepover again next summer! ;-)

Friday, July 13, 2012

A-Z about me

Want to know a little more about me?  Here are some random facts for you.

A. Age: 29 (for real!  I'm totally looking forward to turning 30 because that doesn't sound fake.)  PS. my birthday is Aug 5th and I like presents....
B. Bed size: Queen....which I think it just perfect.  
C. Chore that you hate: Scrubbing the shower.  
D. Dogs: Not anymore.  We did until earlier this summer, but due to Leo's hyperactivity, the girls hated being in the yard with him.  So we found him a family who wanted a dog with lots of energy, and who have an acre for him to run.  They now have a perfect dog and we have a wonderful dog-free backyard. Win-win for all! 
E. Essential start to your day: Getting dressed and putting my make-up on.  I don't feel like the day can start until I feel like I look presentable.
F. Favorite color: Pink
G. Gold or Silver: Yes
H. Height: Kinda crazy, but it depends on what food I stand on.  If I stand on my right foot, I'm 5'6" and if I stand on the left, I'm 5'7"  And to think I didn't even know my legs were uneven until I was in nursing school learning about full body assessments....
I. Instruments you play: Piano, but not all that well.
J. Job title: RN, IBCLC, Mary Kay Consultant, and most importantly, Mama.
K. Kids: My sweet Honeygirl and Sweet Pea
L. Live: Pacific Northwest
M. Mother’s name: Suzi
N. Nicknames: My sister calls me "Little Mama" and my dad calls me "Beautiful"  (sweet, I know:-))  That's about it!
O. Overnight hospital stays: Only when I had my babies.
P. Pet peeves:  Where to begin!  Talking during church.  Talking on the phone while driving (it's against the law, you know!)  Leaving the handle up on an infant carseat while driving (dangerous!).  Picking your nails.
Q. Quote from a movie: hmmm...I'm not the best with quotes
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: One sister, but I now also have three brother-in-laws and two sister in laws. :)
T. Time you wake up: Depends on when the kiddos wake up.   Usually by 7am.  Unless I have to go to work in which case I have to be up at 5:30am (yawn!)
U. Underwear: Of course!
V. Vegetable you hate: spinach.  And raw onions
W. What makes you run late: Trying to finish "one more thing" or trying to get both girls ready and out the door at the same time.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Dental.  And I once had an MRI of my left wrist.  I just want to know why your entire body has to go in the MRI machine to look at the wrist!
Y. Yummy food that you make: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! And taco soup. A new favorite is Mexican Street Corn too.  I'll have to post about that one of these days :)
Z. Zoo animal: I love watching the chimps play.  But my favorite is the elephants.  Lucky for me, Honeygirl likes them the best too. :)

photo of me, taken by Honeygirl :-)

Saturday night in the ER

Boy did we end up with some unexpected excitement two weeks ago on Saturday night.  Let me back up just a smidge...

Friday night Sweet Pea asked to go to bed at about 7pm.  This kiddo doesn't fight going to bed at 8pm, but she's usually not asking.  And certainly not if playing some more is an option.  So when she had a fever of 103 on Saturday morning, I wasn't shocked.  My poor sick kiddo.  With the help of tylenol and lots of fluids, her temp hovered around 100 degrees all day.  At least we were able to keep it down.  And in spite of being sick, she still played with her sister, interacted with us, and ate her meals.  And drank cup after cup of water.

When bedtime rolled around again Saturday night, her temp was still under control.  I decided to check one more time just before I went to bed.  10:45 and the thermometer said 105.6.  WHAT?!?  Tylenol!  Take off everything but the diaper!  Call the on-call pediatrician!  By the time the advice nurse called me back, her temp was down to 103.5, but she told me that if her temp spiked above 104 again and wasn't coming down, I needed to take her in.  Okay, I can handle that.  A quick dash down the stairs for the ibuprofen, then off to bed, right?  Well....

In the few minutes it took for me to locate the ibuprofen, poor little Sweet Pea started throwing up and her temp when right back up to 104.9.  So instead of hopping in bed, we hopped in the van and headed to the ER.  Not part of my Saturday night plan!

Walking outside in the cool night air with just a little t-shirt, Sweet Pea's temp was down to 104.3 when we got checked in.  Since she decided to return the last of her stomach's contents on the office floor in the triage area, the nurse brought her some zofran once we were settled in our room.  Supposedly, the little tablet doesn't really taste like much.  Sweet Pea had some distinct opinions about how much she did not like it though.  You say it needs to be under her tongue?  How about if I can get it in her mouth at least momentarily before she spits it back out at me and acts like she is going to gag?  I thought I was being rather ingenious to slip it in and stuff the paci in right afterwards, but Sweet Pea was too smart for me.  She wasn't about the fall for such a trick!  t know she didn't take it all, but she at least got part of it in.  And she kept everything down after that as well, thankfully.

After poking and prodding, and running several tests, the doctor felt confident saying that her high fever was caused by a nasty virus of some sort.  Poor baby had to be catheterized and have a throat swab done, all with mama the nurse helping to restrain her.  No fun for either of us.  I think the worst of it was hearing her scream, "No! No!  Owie!  No!" and know that there was nothing I could do but keep restraining her.  I agreed that the tests needed to be done to figure out what was going on in her little body.  My prayers that it wouldn't be anything serious were answered, and after relaxing clothes-free on the final couch and having some ibuprofen, her temp finally came down ton 101.8.  A whole heck of a lot better than where it had been before!

 Resting with Mama.
 Her little hospital armband - and Monkey, of course, had to come along.
Chillin' on the nice, cool couch in just a cute cloth diaper (which the nurse asked about! "Why yes, I'd be happy to tell you how cool cloth diapers are!" ;-) )

On the plus side, I now know where ER parking is located at the hospital I work at. (blush!)  And we know that Sweet Pea doesn't have some horrible infection or something raging through her little body.

Update:  By Monday morning (July 2nd), the fever had finally broken.  And by Monday night, my little kiddo had a rash covering her entire torso.  It didn't bother her in the least, but it was there.  So being the self-diagnoser that I am,  it looks like we had our first case of Roseola at our house.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Strawberry Picking!

Where to shop is always a dilemma for me.  I want the best price possible.  But I also want to support small businesses.  Unfortunately, it's the big box stores (either in person or online) that often offer the lowest prices.  Grrr.  So frugal me has to battle it out with supporter of small/ local businesses me.  But every once in awhile, I find a great price at a local spot.  A win-win!

A week ago, we took our annual trip to a local farm for strawberry picking.  It's a family farm that has managed to survive even as the town as grown up around it.  And for quite awhile, my in-laws lived next door to the owner's daughter and her family.  So I feel like we're connected to them in a way.  In the past, it's been $20 for 20 lbs of strawberries when you pick them yourself.  Can you possibly beat that?? This year the price went up to $1.25/ lb for 20+ pounds.  Still an amazing deal.  And still a great experience.  It was only my second time picking - the first was four years ago when I was pregnant with Honeygirl.  Last year I stayed home with Sweet Pea while David and Honeygirl went picking.  But this year all four of us went.  It was fun watching the girls try to "help" in the field.  Honeygirl actually filled her little yellow bucket all by herself!  Sweet Pea was content to watch - until Daddy told her she could eat one.  It was all downhill from there. :)

I'm so glad we can enjoy yummy, juicy, fresh strawberries while also supporting a local business.

This post was inspired by That Mama Gretchen and her support of small businesses.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Super Undies to the Rescue!

I can hardly believe it's time to really start potty training Sweet Pea.

This particular road has been a long and difficult one with Honeygirl.  Eighteen months and counting.  Sheesh.  But as of a week ago, I no longer take extra panties and clothes for Honeygirl when we go out.  Yay!  A few less things to tote everywhere!  Unfortunately, it's not because accidents are as rare as I'd like them to be, but because  now that she knows she's stuck in the same clothes, she's more likely to think about getting to the toilet on time.  And as for nighttime training, we still have a long way to go.  We've been using our Nighttime Super Undies for quite a few months, and due to a recent growth spurt, were in need of the next size up.  Last night was the first night in the new ones from Kelly's Closet.  Yay!  So super soft (and absorbent!).

Since we've fallen in love with the Nighttime Super Undies for Honeygirl, I jumped at the chance to try some pocket trainers on Sweet Pea when Super Undies offered us the chance.  Yay!  We picked caped canary in size small.  Sweet Pea has tried them on several times now, and worn them around the house a little.  So far, we're impressed!  She likes having big girl underwear on, and she seems to like how soft they are.  I like that there are two rows of snaps on each side to adjust the fit.  And I love that they come with an insert to adjust the absorbency.  With just starting the whole potty training process, Sweet Pea wears them with the insert at this point.  I know eventually we'll be able to do without it though.  Can't wait!
 From the front:  nice and trim.  Just like a big girl!
From the back:  snaps make it easy to adjust for the best fit.

To find out more about the pocket trainer from Super Undies, check out their video here.
Thanks so much to Super Undies for providing us with the pocket trainer!  The opinions in this post are entirely my own and in no way influenced by the company.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Things they say v.3

Today's conversation in the car:

Honeygirl:  Who are my kids going to be?
Daddy: Well, someday when you have kids, that will be up to you.
Honeygirl: But what will their names be?
Daddy:  You will get to choose.  What names would you pick?
Honeygirl:  I would pick Grace.  And Goofus.

Commence uncontrollable laughter from me and my husband!