Things they Say v.4

There's been a vocabulary explosion at our house!  Sweet Pea has been trying out all kinds of new words, which is so fun to listen to.  Yesterday she sat up really straight and hollered out, "tall!"  In the last few days, she added the "k" to the end of "milk," and has started trying out two words together as well.   Here are some of the words I've heard lately:
book*lid*milk*juice*cup*apple*nanana (banana)*flower*bubbles*night night*blankie*shoes*go*tall*bigger*me*yeah*mine*Mommy*Daddy*[sister's name]*mama (for Grammie or Grandma)*Papa*Popi*more*all done*see ya!*bye Daddy*baby*Emma*doggy*bunny*bu-bee (blueberry)*birdie*wow!*paci*potty*wet*poopy*panties*hot*stove*nose*eye*hair*pony*Bob (referring to her Bob the Builder cup)*pants*bib*stool*iced tea*drink*snack*movie*light*bread*cookie*yellow*

And Honeygirl has some words that have me chuckling right now too:
Ma-cheeto (mosquito)
military (cemetery)
Pa-sick-if  (pacific)
Breast-test (breakfast)


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