Things they Say v.5

Heard around the house this week...

After a little hair trim courtesy of Grammie:  Shaking her head all over and saying, "bangs!"

When asked if she wanted to go shopping with me:  "Coming!  'hopping!  'hopping!"  Aww, a little shopper.  Pretty sweet. :)  And I enjoyed my little date with her!

When I had capris on and she sat in my lap: "Pokie leg.  Pokie leg."  Guess I don't shave as often as she'd prefer....

After success in the bathroom:  Nem-in-nem!  (M&M)  Nope, I'm not above bribery to get potty training done.

While pointing to the top of the fridge:  "piw-oh!"  translation - "Mommy, I'd like to play Play-doh and I know you hid a container up there.  If I climb high enough, I'll be able to see it."


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