Don't put me in a box

Do you ever overhear a conversation and instantly know it was a bad idea?  I had one of those this past week.  Honeygirl is a very inquisitive child.  I would venture to say that most 3 year olds are.  Some of her questions leave me heading for the computer and trusty ol' Google to find the answers.  But this past week, the question started out innocent enough.  She just had some questions for Daddy about the lovely park we were driving past.  And her wonderful Daddy felt compelled to answer.  The conversation went down something like this:

Honeygirl:  Daddy, that park is so pretty!  Can we go there?
Daddy:  Well, it's not a park, it's a cemetery.
Honeygirl:  What's a military, Daddy?
Daddy:  Cemetery.  It's called a cemetery.  When people die, their bodies are put in boxes and the boxes are put in the ground in a cemetery.

And that's where that particular conversation came to a stop.  Honeygirl needed some time to process all that bizarre information.  So several days later, out of the blue, while Honeygirl was sitting on the couch, she called out to me, "Mommy, don't put me in a box, okay?"

It took me a minute before I knew where this was going.  Why would I be putting her in a box?  Ohhhhhh.  Yes.  That conversation that probably never should have happened in the first place.

Honeygirl:  I don't want to be in a box by myself.  Why do we have to be in boxes?  And since I live in [the state we live in] and Jesus is in heaven, how will I get there?  If I have to be in a box, can I be in a box with you?

Poor kiddo. Consequently, I have spent the past several days trying to explain things to a three year old that I don't totally understand myself.  How exactly will we get to heaven?  Good question.  Why will we not need our bodies anymore and why will God give us new ones?  Because God will make our bodies whole and perfect in heaven, and yes, I know you already believe you are perfect. :)  Will you fit in my box?  Well, I sincerely hope not!  I hope nothing tragic happens to us in which we would both fit in the same box.  That happened to a family I babysat for long ago and it was devastating.  But you are far to young for such conversations, so instead, I will just say, "Let's go play outside, okay?"

And I will remind my dear husband that sometimes it's okay to just say, "No, we can't stop at that park today."


  1. Oh my. Your poor husband. Lesson learned. Your daughter sounds adorable and smarter than your average 3 year old.

    1. Thanks! Yes, after Honeygirl brought it all up again at lunch today, my husband has hopefully gotten the picture and learned his lesson!


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