A Sleepover

She finally did it. It's been a long time in coming but she did it. Honeygirl earned her sleepover at her Aunt Katie's house. And boy was she excited!  The deal they made was that Honeygirl could spend the night when she was consistently staying dry. No more accidents at every turn. Which we all know was quite the challenge for Honeygirl.  Since Aunt Katie is a teacher, the sleepover was going to have to happen in the summer. So several weeks ago we put it on the calendar. With high hopes that Honeygirl would step it up and stay dry. Fortunately she did!  

My latest plan with her is that she is allowed one pair of underwear each day. And if they get wet, that's tough. She hates having to wear something wet, so that piece of the plan seems to be a good addition.  I'm also working on letting her decide when to head to the bathroom. Boy, I tell you, that's a tough one when I can tell she's not listening to her body!  I want to demand she run right in and take care of business.  But I also want her to be independent.  And I know that without reminders, she waits too long and isn't necessarily able to make it all the way to the bathroom.  Uggh.  A dilemma.  

At any rate, the sleepover was a huge success.  Dinner at Burger King, a trip to visit some baby birds at Uncle Mike's house, French Toast for breakfast, picking blueberries and raspberries, and lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  My little girl couldn't have asked for a more exciting adventure.  And best of all, Honeygirl reported that Aunt Katie might let her have a sleepover again next summer! ;-)


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