Super Undies to the Rescue!

I can hardly believe it's time to really start potty training Sweet Pea.

This particular road has been a long and difficult one with Honeygirl.  Eighteen months and counting.  Sheesh.  But as of a week ago, I no longer take extra panties and clothes for Honeygirl when we go out.  Yay!  A few less things to tote everywhere!  Unfortunately, it's not because accidents are as rare as I'd like them to be, but because  now that she knows she's stuck in the same clothes, she's more likely to think about getting to the toilet on time.  And as for nighttime training, we still have a long way to go.  We've been using our Nighttime Super Undies for quite a few months, and due to a recent growth spurt, were in need of the next size up.  Last night was the first night in the new ones from Kelly's Closet.  Yay!  So super soft (and absorbent!).

Since we've fallen in love with the Nighttime Super Undies for Honeygirl, I jumped at the chance to try some pocket trainers on Sweet Pea when Super Undies offered us the chance.  Yay!  We picked caped canary in size small.  Sweet Pea has tried them on several times now, and worn them around the house a little.  So far, we're impressed!  She likes having big girl underwear on, and she seems to like how soft they are.  I like that there are two rows of snaps on each side to adjust the fit.  And I love that they come with an insert to adjust the absorbency.  With just starting the whole potty training process, Sweet Pea wears them with the insert at this point.  I know eventually we'll be able to do without it though.  Can't wait!
 From the front:  nice and trim.  Just like a big girl!
From the back:  snaps make it easy to adjust for the best fit.

To find out more about the pocket trainer from Super Undies, check out their video here.
Thanks so much to Super Undies for providing us with the pocket trainer!  The opinions in this post are entirely my own and in no way influenced by the company.


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