Strawberry Picking!

Where to shop is always a dilemma for me.  I want the best price possible.  But I also want to support small businesses.  Unfortunately, it's the big box stores (either in person or online) that often offer the lowest prices.  Grrr.  So frugal me has to battle it out with supporter of small/ local businesses me.  But every once in awhile, I find a great price at a local spot.  A win-win!

A week ago, we took our annual trip to a local farm for strawberry picking.  It's a family farm that has managed to survive even as the town as grown up around it.  And for quite awhile, my in-laws lived next door to the owner's daughter and her family.  So I feel like we're connected to them in a way.  In the past, it's been $20 for 20 lbs of strawberries when you pick them yourself.  Can you possibly beat that?? This year the price went up to $1.25/ lb for 20+ pounds.  Still an amazing deal.  And still a great experience.  It was only my second time picking - the first was four years ago when I was pregnant with Honeygirl.  Last year I stayed home with Sweet Pea while David and Honeygirl went picking.  But this year all four of us went.  It was fun watching the girls try to "help" in the field.  Honeygirl actually filled her little yellow bucket all by herself!  Sweet Pea was content to watch - until Daddy told her she could eat one.  It was all downhill from there. :)

I'm so glad we can enjoy yummy, juicy, fresh strawberries while also supporting a local business.

This post was inspired by That Mama Gretchen and her support of small businesses.


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